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Fresh Technologies

Technology played a key role in unifying our distributed team of experts as we executed a series of network infrastructure projects to bring high definition video conferencing to our campus network. The use of high definition video conferencing would give our institute the ability to communicate with an ever widening group of intellectuals. 

However, the purpose of this presentation is not to describe how we built this new network; but rather how we built the team that built this new network. The more we used collaborative technologies and superimposed our skills on a common goal, the more successful we became.

Since the process of building and maintaining a institution network requires a diversity of skills, our team was comprised of experts from diverse technical areas: Microbiology, Bio-Technology, Bioinformatics and project management. We also had a team mentor to preside over cycle 1. In this action research, mentorship and leadership played a key role in inspiring the team to use technology maturely and effectively.

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